If money can fix a problem, then it really isn’t a problem

If Money Can Fix a Problem

Bob Marley about wealth

Goran tells the story of telling his grandmother that she should not eat bread. Grandmother asks: “What?” “Well, grains are not healthy for you”, he says. She replies: “Well son, you must die of something."

Goran’s grandmother’s Zen

Fall 6 times, but get up 7 times...

Okinawa saying – Fall 6 times

You shouldn't fight with the pig. You will both end up in the mud but the pig likes that.

Okinawa saying – pig

Flowing water doesn't compete.

Tao – Lao Tse

The best things in life are free. Think about that for a moment... health, laugh, love, mother, child, sunset...

Chinese proverb – the best things in life are free

Prepare for what you want in your life.

Chinese proverb – be prepared

Son dont work for money. Make money do work for you.

My father said about money

kako da budete srećni

You are born original dont die a copy.

Be Yourself

Inspiration Is for amateurs - the rest of us Just show up and get to work. A quote and a good motto for business people who have no justification for what they do - they simply come to work and do the best they can.


Story of a shoe trader

A shoe trader from Venice, decides to sell shoes at a new bazaar in Africa and sends two assistants there to do market research.

The first one comes back and says that there is no market for shoes because all people there walk barefoot.

The second one comes back and says it’s the best possible market because no one there has shoes on.

An eagle never had the need to meet another eagle. Ants are those who have invented peoples.

Miroslav Mika Antić about loneness

Son, a man must have two faces: one that smiles and does whatever it wants in life and another one which is grim and does what must be done.

My old man sharing with me his thought about what must be done

Schoolteacher’s Zen

An anecdote told to me by a friend of mine some years ago. To me this is kind of the Serbian Zen.

The place is a village near Jagodina, the time is several decades ago. A few peasants are sitting in front of a shop drinking beer.

The local schoolteacher comes along and asks them: “Good afternoon. What are you doing here?”

The peasants find themselves embarrassed and wanting to outwit the teacher one of them replies: “We’re discussing who will win, Mao Zedong or Chiang Kai-shek?”

The teacher replies: “Oh! And why don’t you wash your faces first?”

Look son, you were born a lion… …because you're my son. I'm a lion myself. But you can also choose your role in life and decide to be a deer if you wish... Deer run in fields together with their does, smell flowers and watch butterflies. The problem is that often comes another lion and takes over your doe... Then again, If you're a lion you have to hang out with other lions, hunt and to defend your territory. So, it’s up to you to decide...

My old man sharing with me his thought about life

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