Doing right now

IMG_6738 (1)This is where I really spend my time right now. For inspiration I have to thank to Derek Sivers.

  • doing my best to be great dad to my two kiddoz :)
  • daily consultations for adriahost and adriatek teams.
  • measure, optimize and further development planing in background.
  • marketing campaigns (ppc, content, email, guerilla…)
  • pro bono – teaching karate to kids and adults
  • writing for this blog. Slowly translating everything in English.
  • once per day I go offline to drink coffee and read
  • recreation some of these: running, karate, yoga, walking and riding scooter.

Trying to avoid?

  • new ideas – because I have too many… I want to stay focused on my work.
  • unfortunately I don’t have time for lectures, guest posts and conferences.
  • avoiding phone calls and meetings. This is reserved for my team and friends. :)
I know it sound weird, but I hope you understand me. Two companies and family are more than enough to keep me busy. We recently got a baby and life is beautiful. :)