Warm up exercise – ground work

Here are two good warm up exercises and nice way to cover some ground fighting if you ever end up in this position. First one is about front mount attacker and how to escape from being under. Second exercise is about how to cover from kicking, stomping and punching when you are on the ground.

Karate basics in action


Kumite (sparring) is form used to practice techniques of kata, under more realistic conditions, in which by prearrangement between participants, one applies offensive and the other defensive technique. Read more…

Hojo undo – supplemental training

Hojo undo is supplementary exercises where one uses various implements and aids to encourage and develop ambidextrous physical strength, stamina, muscle co-ordination, speed and posture. Read more…

Kihon Kumite

I would like to present our beginners program. We do not work with children, so this program is designed for adults. Read more…

Fall 6 times, but get up 7 times...

Okinawa saying – Fall 6 times

Arms and legs are like knifes and spears.


Develop your body, technique and spirit.


Karate is kata.

Dojo kun – Kata

Karate is for self defense only.

Dojo kun – Karatedo ni sente nashi


Makiwara training

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