How to make Butter coffee and why?

Lately, I make my coffee with butter. Yes, you read it well, with butter. I found somewhere online a post from this guy a crazy .php developer who managed to inspire me to the point when I said to myself – „I gotta try this“. It’s awesome and believe it or not it will even help you loose weight. Drinking this coffee keeps you awake and well fed for half a day. I’m not kidding, read on…

Screen-Shot-2014-07-25-at-01.55.23In the last two years I got rid of Coke, all soft drinks, juices full of sugar and at the end, I’ve stopped drinking coffee as well. I was gaining weight and my blood pressure was skyrocketing. Of course, coffee and blood pressure don’t go hand in hand, if you know what I mean. In the end, I was left with plain water, tea (especially lavander), tomato juice and home-made elderberry juice. I’m not drinking anything else. I simply refuse to consume sugars, artificial colors and additives.

Back then when I was making food experiments, I’ve noticed that I have a certain „coffee problem“. Some types of coffee made me swelly, some gave me heartburn and some caused an abnormal heart rate. Still, I’ve noticed that if I occasionally drink coffee in some coffee shops, the problem didn’t popped-up. For example, in London, I’ve drank some organic coffee in „Pret-A-Manger“ without any problems. That’s how I figured out that the problem lies in the type of coffee I use.


Then, I’ve tested all available coffees on domestic market and figured out that none of them fits me. During the testing, one interesting thing occurred – the fact that in our grocery stores and supermarkets you can’t buy whole bean coffee which you can grind later. Yes, coffee grinding is forgotten practice from the ages ago.  Today you buy pre-grinded coffee which is then easily susceptible to various types of funguses. Coffee producers don’t like funguses because it shortens the expiration date of their precious product and that’s why they put in some additives during production. Not to mention that some of them are mixing coffee with barley and who knows what, which can also make significant problems to your stomach.

turkish-blenderSo, if you want REAL coffee you have to go out and find yourself whole bean coffee, as my grandma did. In the past, our grandmas and grandpas, roasted their coffee beans in the oven and then laid them out in the hallways of their condos or on their windows to lower the temperature and stop the roasting process. The whole neighbourhood would smell beautifully on coffee. I remember my grandma would give me her traditional turkish hand-mill to grind coffee for her which was really fascinating to me as a kid. There’s no such thing anymore. We became lazybones who would never roast and grind their coffee on their own, rather blindly believe supermarkets. A generation of dumbasses.

However, you can still buy whole bean coffee in various places, on green markets, in Coffee shops and barista coffee shops around town. To make a long story short, it doesn’t really matter what type of coffee it is but it’s important to actually SEE the whole coffee beans before they grind it. Only then, there are no additives, no barley, no funguses. So, once you’ve managed to obtain REAL coffee, we can now proceed with a recipe for “Milos’ mocha coffee”, better known as butterlicious.

Why butter? In my LCHF (low carb – high fat) universe, butter is king. It’s one of my main ingredients and my source of energy. It makes the coffee more creamy and gives it a full taste. Besides the taste, butter gives you a lot of energy so you won’t be hungry between 5 and 8 hours and you wouldn’t be tempted by sweets. I have to emphasize that I don’t use milk in this coffee brew. For many of us milk can make stomach problems and felling of bloatedness. And of course, margarine and butter are obviously not the same….I hope I don’t have to stress that out.


I like to drink sweetened coffee, but I don’t use sugar. My main sweetener is organic honey. You can use sugar as well, if you don’t care. And one more thing – do not try to melt your butter because you’ll get a drops of grease in you coffee for sure. The butter must be mixed with coffee hand blander. Ok, here’s the recipe:

Milos’ mocha coffee:

  • Brew your coffee – whatever type you like, it can be turskish or filter. Make a measure for a big cup (tea cup), which I usually fill up ¾.
  • Add a chunk of butter – use the knife to cut a decent piece of butter (width of your little pinky) and put it in empty cup. You will add coffee later.
  • Mix the butter with blender – pour a small amount of hot coffee over butter to ease up a bit and then use hand blander to make a butter foam.
  • Add one teaspoon of pure cocoa powder.
  • Sweeten up – in my case, one teaspoon of organic honey works perfectly.
  • Mix it all up – pour up a little bit more coffee and mix it all again to make fine blend of cocoa, honey and coffee.
  • Fill up the rest of the coffee.

After 2-3 times of practice, you’ll be able make the best mocha coffee there is in my humble opinion. I have to stress out here that this is the only way how I drink my coffee nowadays and believe me, it’s proofed stress reliever for developers and IT entrepreneurs.

Oh, and one more thing. Coffee is not just a coffee. Coffee is a ritual. A moment of sanity. A perfect way to cool off a bit, sit down and gather your thoughts. You know, from time to time, everybody needs to reset to a zero point.


P.S. Don’t tell afterwards that I lost my mind, here, these guys make something similar as diet experiment.


  1. Ramprasad Bangaru

    Very well explained article for a coffee lover, like me.
    I am going to try.

  2. Very interesting article! I’d love to share with you some of my experiments with butter coffee. Furthermore, I can send you a free taste of my buttercoffee (fatCoffee)

  3. Kairi Gainsborough

    Huh. Sounds interesting.

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