Shirotaru no Kon

This is one of most fascinanting bo kata performances. I allways enjoy watching this clip. Here is a comment from sensei Cezar Borkowski from his FB page about this kata:

“Before there were major categories of Ryukyu, Matayoshi, Yamane, or the now popular sub-sections (teacher centric groups, Kan or Kai), Kobudo was teacher derived and place based (Kochinda, Urasoe, Yomitan..etc.). Somewhere between Mura-Bojutsu (now viewed as Matsuri bo) and old fighting practices of the warrior class. An example; Kiyan Shinen (1914-1997) a renowned student of Kina Shosei (Kobudo) and Nagamine Shishin (Matsubayashi-ryu) demonstrates the kata Shirotaru-no-kon 白樽の棍.”

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