Once upon a time there was an executive

I’m really into snooping around life stories and lifestyles of successful people. When I say successful, I mean happy people, not famous or rich. Today, anyone can be whatever they want to be. They just need to work hard on it and the wish will be granted – if the wish was realistic one in the first place. To me personally, the things that are really fascinating are life stories of those individuals who manage to trick imposed value system and instead of money or fame, choose something else which makes them happy or keeps them going.

For example, a good friend of mine told me about his best friend. He was one of the executives in a big international audit firm. He had a great salary, around 4-5k per month. Chitchatting over coffee one day, my friend asks him: “How’s business? What’s up?”

His friend replies: “It’s great. I’m quitting.”

My friend looks at him in awe, not digging why’s this guy quitting the job of a senior advisor when his salary is well over something majority people in this country can only dream about.

“Wait bro, are you sick or something? What’s up with you?”

Suddenly his friend starts confessing how he’s fed up with emails, meetings, suit and tie bullshit and all the hustle and bustle of the regular businessman life.

“You know, I’m the happiest guy alive when I’m on my raft house on Sava river. I have friends there. I fish, I play the guitar, enjoy the nature. I was making some calculations and I figured out that I need 300 dollars a month to live on a raft. I can catch fish for food, the money will cover electricity bills, bread and few other knickknacks. I’ve already made enough money to live on a raft doing nothing until the end of my life. Hell, I even have a surplus.“

To conclude, my friends friend managed to work part-time for another year or two, for 70% of his salary and in the end, he really quit his job and went on to enjoy on his raft.

There it is. I don’t know the man, but I admire him. I’m just passing the story as I heard it.

One comment – I don’t really think you should follow his example, but what you need to do is to look deep inside yourself and find the thing that’s making you happy. When you are able to choose what you wish to do, without giving any considerations to what other people expect from you, then and only then, you can say you’re in control of your destiny.


  1. KompKamp (@RadoslavaK1)

    Poenta je tu, citiram: Zaradio sam već toliko novca da mogu do kraja života da živim na splavu i ne moram ništa da radim. Imam novca i preko toga…”
    Obaška, pitanje porodice, dece, školovanja… pitam se kako bi taj kum izašao na kraj sa 250 e da ima decu koja se školuju… ali, svaka priča za sebe.

    On je očigledno samac :) i to mu je ok stav, poštujem. Jedino što retko ko može sebi tako da priušti, obzirom na ono što rekoh malopre :)

  2. Tatjana Zeneral

    I ja poznajem jednog takvog muskarca, s time sto je on to uradio nakon 25 godina napustivsi sopstveni biznis.
    Akcenat je na polu, interesuje me da li postoji slicna zeska prica,ali ne samice, vec majke, zene, kcerke, sestre….?
    Iako, ja sanjam o takvom danu, zivotu.

    Srdacan pozdrav, Tatjana

  3. Perfect example of a successful life. Too bad these days people only define it with monetary terms…

  4. This story is a great example of something I’ve heard Jim Rohn say. During one lecture he said that if he heard someone say they are going to quit their job, and live in the cabin in the woods, and couple years later they end up doing just that, according to Jim Rohn, that’s success.

    Living on your own term and defining success in your own way. Being able to do just that sounds a lot like success. Six figure income is always dwarfed by a seven figure income. CEO position is always dwarfed by an owned position. Maserati by a Ferrari. Traveling to Greece by traveling to Maldives, etc…

    Unless you are happy and grateful with what you already have it’s going to be very hard (impossible?) to achieve that with material things. Congrats to the raft executive :)

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