Passai bunkai

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  1. Greetings sensei,am new to shorin ryu(matsumura), surfing the net, it is relatively easy to find downloadable stuff on many styles of karate except shorin ryu while i know one can only truly learn from a living/breathing instructor kata/bunkai videos help a lot in revising what u know i have also noticed my sensei dosent do the bunkai as sharply as sensei staric does. The bunkai(though incomplete) of kusanku and seisan on the old website are exceptional, have downloaded them since about two years ago actually they are what got me very interested in shorin ryu, however in my country (Nigeria) schools are hard to come by all thats is available is shotokan (yuck). I also think Dentokan is a really BIG joke practically nonsense, ideally there should only be one shorin ryu ours

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