XI Traditional Karate World Championship

On behalf of The International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF), I am honored to anounce the 11th World Traditional Karate Championship being held October 12-13, 2002 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Hidetaka Nishiyama 10. dant
Chairman, ITKF

Tsunami dojo (shorin ryu) was invited by world championship organisational committee (YTKF) to demonstrate traditional okinawan karate. We demonstrated Matayoshi no nunchaku form in honour of sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama 10. dan, direct student of Gichin Funakoshi.

Opening ceremony.

Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama 10. dan (in middle) and sensei Vladimir Jorga 8. dan (second from left).

Tsunami dojo demo team “ready and waiting”.

Sensei Stanic Milos and Belgrade sport reporter.

Few details from demonstration.

All happy and resting after demonstration.

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