Story of Shadow

I have some of those anecdotes that I wouldn’t want to remain forgotten. The basic idea of this blog is to write them down so as to save them from oblivion, but it’s only about the anecdotes that may be told. Read more…

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What no one tells you about the Greek crisis and why is the Euro going to collapse?

In long run, it is better that exchange your euros to another currency or invest that money.

The Euro is going to collapse. Read more…


People without whom we couldn’t succeed

I’ve put together a list of people that helped with company development. Some of they don’t work with us anymore, but I want to thank them nevertheless. It was a pleasure to complete one part of the road to success together. They left their mark, and I like to think that we got them inspired to move on.

This is all photos that I have, I don’t have all of them. Sorry guys. Read more…

Cotton club Beograd
fitness club joe beograd
razvoj web aplikacije u toku
zahvalnica adriahost
Hotel Balkan Beograd

Coffee at Hotel Balkan

One of the most beautiful places to have coffee in Belgrade. Hotel Balkan is located on Terazije square, Belgrade center. There is a caffe in the hotel lobby with authentic interior, overlooking Moskva hotel. Read more…

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