milos stanicWriting about life, business and health from slightly different point of view. Anecdotes, experiments and life stories from karate instructor who became web entrepreneur. 

I am enjoying my coffee by the lake and writing about what fascinates me in that moment. Once per month I send email notifications if there is something new going on here.

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Greek Baker’s Zen

I gotta tell you a story about a Greek baker. It’s something that happened to me personally and it changed the way I look on life in general. First things first – I need to make a short prologue in order to explain my situation at the time.During that year I ended up 10 or […]

Story of Shadow

I have some of those anecdotes that I wouldn’t want to remain forgotten. The basic idea of this blog is to write them down so as to save them from oblivion, but it’s only about the anecdotes that may be told. Related Post What no one tells you about the Greek crisis and w… WHD […]

How to make Butter coffee and why?

Lately, I make my coffee with butter. Yes, you read it well, with butter. I found somewhere online a post from this guy a crazy .php developer who managed to inspire me to the point when I said to myself – „I gotta try this“. It’s awesome and believe it or not it will even […]

Time & Focus – My Management Tricks

I have spent the last eight years developing my own business. The company grew at a steady pace, revenues were rising, we had hundreds of customers and my daily routine consisted of meetings and business lunches with other executives. Two years ago I’ve decided to change this. Related Post Greek Baker’s Zen How to Easily […]

How to watch Netflix if it’s blocked in your country?

How to avoid becoming a victim of TV ads molestation on our domestic channels? How to watch Netflix even though you’re living in country where it is blocked and pay for it less than a monthly fee of a local cable operator? Related Post Greek Baker’s Zen Tinbei Rochin email Tomari passai email

Once upon a time there was an executive

I’m really into snooping around life stories and lifestyles of successful people. When I say successful, I mean happy people, not famous or rich. Related Post Greek Baker’s Zen Time & Focus – My Management Tricks How to Easily and Inexpensively Create Eye-Popping…

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