milos stanicWritting about life, business and health from slightly diffrent point of view. Anecdotes, experiments and lifestory from ex-athlete who became web entrepreneur. 

I am enjoing my coffee by the lake and writting about what fascinates me in that moment. Once per week I send email notifications if there is something new going on here.

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My Haiku

How to make Butter coffee and why?

Lately, I make my coffee with butter. Yes, you read it well, with butter. I found somewhere online a post from this guy a crazy .php developer who managed to inspire me to the point when I said to myself – „I gotta try this“. It’s awesome and believe it or not it will even […]


How to watch Netflix if it’s blocked in your country?

How to avoid becoming a victim of TV ads molestation on our domestic channels? How to watch Netflix even though you’re living in country where it is blocked and pay for it less than a monthly fee of a local cable operator?


Once upon a time there was an executive

I’m really into snooping around life stories and lifestyles of successful people. When I say successful, I mean happy people, not famous or rich.