How to watch Netflix if it’s blocked in your country?

How to avoid becoming a victim of TV ads molestation on our domestic channels? How to watch Netflix even though you’re living in country where it is blocked and pay for it less than a monthly fee of a local cable operator? I’ve decided to subscribe myself to Netflix and try it out. I really liked it and I wanted to share this information with whoever may be interested.

What is Netflix?

Screen-Shot-2014-12-12-at-01.41.45The biggest online video club with more than 10.000 movies, best series, documentaries, cartoons, and all of that in full HD. There’s only one glitch – it’s not available in many countries. I’ll explain how to overcome this problem.

Netflix is not a TV programme. Instead, you can freely choose which show or movie you want to watch at anytime you prefer. You can watch it as many times as you like, you can pause whenever you want and continue playback the next time you log in. The best thing is – there are even English subtitles available, which makes it easier for people who’re not so good in English to follow the storyline. Here’s a link with 100 Netflix movies, just to get the idea what you can find there.

For example, I’m watching documentaries and Breaking Bad but many parents will be delighted to hear that there are thousands of cartoons which were removed from YouTube.

How much does it cost and what do you need?

This article makes no sense if you don’t speak English and if you don’t have a credit card valid for online payment. The price for Netflix is 10$ per month and you can watch anything you like on your desktop computer, smart TV, iPad, iPhone, Xbox, Sony Playstation – practically on any gadget that can be connected online. This monthly price includes the option for multiple accounts. I’ve opened accounts for the four of us at home and we’re watching different shows on various devices. Half of us is watching shows on iPad, and the other half through AppleTV. Good thing is that Netflix can be used anywhere – in your house, cottage, on the road – as long as you have a good internet connection.
Screen-Shot-2014-12-12-at-01.41.36If Netflix is blocked in your country, you need some kind of proxy or VPN, to make it look like you’re watching it from USA. I’m using Unlocator service which costs 5$ per month, but you have 7 days of free trial period. So, for the whole operation you need 15$ per month, which is still significantly less from any other package offered by many local cable operators.


Watching domestic TV is a kind of masochism. TV stations are mercilessly annoying with ads. Sometimes they’re broadcasting ads even during the News. Movies cannot be watched anymore due to overtly long commercial blocks. Often when you subscribe to the cable operator you have to sign 24 month contract. Why would you let your cable operator to terrorize you with ads?

Fuck_TV_by_KragotI don’t know if this is legal, but surely, it’s not logical to pay for your TV programme and still be served with stupid ads. I guess it’s reasonable to say that commercials should be broadcasted only on free channels (even then in limited quantity) and not like now, on every single channel, with stupid tricks like „volume boosting“ during ad-block.
Today, online spam is a big NO. Why would we act differently to commercials in our TV programme? Aren’t they worse than spam? Who needs this mindfuck?

What you need to do?

Ok, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably interested. Here are the steps:

Example – DNS settings for iPad


Example: iPad settings

Sign-up freely for Unlocator account and then go to instructions page where everything is explained for all possible consoles, routers, phones, etc. It’s really simple and it describes how to set-up your DNS settings on your device. If you already know what you need to do, just type in DNS
Don’t worry, your data is not going through USA but rather through your local connection. If you get fed up with Netflix you can use your Unlocator account to try out other streaming platforms and channels like Hulu, HBO and dozens of others.
When you set your DNS, go to Netflix webpage and sign-up for a new account. You’ll have to pay 10$ immediately and choose the option that you don’t need DVD shipment, because you can’t use your local address. That’s it – you are ready.
The choice of movies and the interface itself depends on the type of device through which you’re accessing Netflix. For example, it doesn’t look the same on desktop computer or iPad, and there is the list of popular movie titles and the rest you’ll have to find through search option. I need to mention that there are also available Google Chrome extensions which are providing you with more elaborate movie descriptions. Also, later you can switch account country to, let’s say UK or US, because the choice of movies differs.

Before Netflix, like anyone else, I’ve used torrents but it’s much more convenient to play the movies and shows with my remote, because I don’t have to bother about subtitles, picture quality, connecting the device to TV, etc. Now, even my 6 years old kid can play cartoons on his own, without the help of his „daddy hacker“. In the end – it’s good karma – you pay for the service and do it all legally.

There it is….maybe somebody will need this info.

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  1. Ja imam Netflix na LG TV i kada bih kupi oovaj VPN Express da li postoji opcija da mi ceo ruter prebaci na Americki IP tako da kada se preko TVa konektujem na WIFI da mogu da gledam netflix ? Pozdrav i hvala ?

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