IV Budo noć u Beogradu

On Sunday 18.04.2004. in organization of Kyokunshinkai Association of Belgrade and Belgrade City Hall, “IV Budo Night” was held, as well International Kyokunshinkai Tournament “Belgrade Trophy”.

In front of 2500 spectators, 17 different martial arts schools presented their skills.
Of course, this spectacle couldn’t pass without Okinawa karate, represented by Tsunami dojo and sensei Milos Stanic.

Nunchaku kata

Demonstrated by 20 members of Tsunami dojo.

Tuifa vs. Kon – kumite

Ancient art of tuifa. Attacker sensei Milutinovic Mirko 1.dan (kon), deffender sensei Stanic Milos 4.dan (tuifa).

Self-defense (kumite)

Elbow lock (pic. 1), take down (pic 2).

„Sport Journal“ photo reportage about this event.
Whole event was heavily publicised by many newspapers and several TV stations.


Spectator were truely amazed by this demonstration of choku tsuki.

Stay tuned, we will publish more multimedia material in next few weeks on this page. :)

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